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Teoria da conspiração: Alemanha contra o Brasil?

Acabo de receber um email com uma análise bastante paranóica sobre operações de inteligência de EUA, Reino Unido e Alemanha para desestabilizar o Brasil. O texto traz, sobretudo, informações e nomes de pessoas e organizações alemãs que atuariam no Brasil, com vistas a promover interesses europeus e causar distúrbios domésticos. O objetivo seria pôr um fim ao papel geopolítico “independente” desempenhado pelo Brasil nos últimos anos. Ações já estariam sendo organizadas por esse grupos para o ano que vem.

O texto fala de infiltração de interesses geopolíticos junto às “manifestações” ocorridas em junho e julho, com existência de esquemas de financiamento externos. E denuncia a associação de representantes de serviços estrangeiros com setores radicais da política brasileira.

A denúncia está em inglês. Não tenho tempo de traduzir e, evidentemente, espero a opinião de especialistas para averiguarmos se é pura teoria de conspiração ou se existe algum traço de verdade nessa análise.

Mesmo se for uma conspiração sem pé nem cabeça, a divulgação vale pela ideia mirabolante para um roteiro de um filme do tipo thriller político. Publico para que vocês possam me ajudar a traduzir e entender esse documento.


GERMAN WAR against BRAZIL 2014

By Itaia Muxaic de Ricart, Analyst-Investigator, San Juan/Puerto Rico, Nov. 2013.

Brazilians are entitled to solve their own national problems without interference or interventions from USA, Britain or Germany ! In 2014, Brazil’s geopolitical adversaries in the United States, in Britain and in Germany intend to increase their permanent campaign to destabilize Brazil and to end its “independent” international role.

During 2014 Brazil will hold national elections and host the World Soccer Championship. Already in 2013 , Brazil’s adversaries in the USA, Britain, and Germany, took advantage of social and political demands by some Brazilians and encouraged “sudden” protests timed to precede the 2013 Soccer Leagues’ Elimination Contests.—–In the United States exist geopolitical, strategic, and economic interests to “curb” Brazil. —– Britain has geostrategic interests : The million square miles of Britain’s maritime economic zones surrounding British bases in the South Atlantic which stretch from the tropics to the Antarctic, between South America and Africa.—–

Although Germany has no strategic reason to intervene against Brazil, – nevertheless Germany’s Foreign Service (Embassies), CIA-linked Intelligence Agency BND , NATO Military, Propaganda TV&Press Service “Deutsche Welle”, and German party-foundations, especially Konrad Adenauer Foundation, receive geopolitical “guidance” from the U.S. Embassy in Berlin,- although Germany’s Chancellors (Primer Ministers) pretend that they are in complete control.—-

Hundreds German NGOs, are also intervening in Brazil and although they are primarily financed by Germany’s Federal Government, many German NGOs, like Green Party’s Heinrich Boell Foundation and Left Party’s Rosa Luxemburg Foundation look for their “inspiration” to Britain’s globe-spanning NGOs in London. In complete contrast however Germany’s industry ,with 1,600 branches in Brazil, objects against German geopolitical operations against Brazil, which only favor competing U.S. industrial and agricultural exports. >>>>>>> The following analysis will only focus on one of hundreds German NGOs active against Brazil: The ROSA LUXEMBURG FOUNDATION, a phony “false flag op” operated by opportunistic former East German government “apparatchiks” now turned useful opportunists. It is the “think tank” of the LINKE PARTEI (Left Party) and is financed by German Federal Government, to tacitly play the “red menace” for justifying Right-Wing propaganda against “Socialism”. The ROSA LUXEMBURG FOUNDATION (Hereafter refered as “Rosalux”) has the leading role for the German “False Ultra-Left” operations to destabilize Brazil. “Rosalux” was founded in 2000 in Germany “for political education and social analysis” according to theories of Rosa Luxemburg. The name “foundation” is a deception -because “Rosalux” (as other German party “foundations) is only an “association” controlled by its statutory 100 “members” and is financed by Germany’s Federal Government which paid to “Rosalux” in 2011 close to $ 40 million, of which almost $ 2 million were dedicated for “foreing activities” – such as FUNDACAO ROSA LUXEMBURG in Sao Paulo/Brazil and FUNDACION ROSA LUXEMBURG in Quito/Ecuador and ROSA LUXEMBURG FOUNDATION in New York/USA.

“Rosalux” is a continuation of a post-1989 “think tank” of the PDS , the successor-party of former EAST GERMANY’S “leading” party SED. In 2007 the PDS changed the name to LINKE PARTEI (Left Party) and absorbed the small West German “WASG”. The LINKE PARTEI has 60,000 members: Elderly former East German functionaries and border police. German press reports assert that RUTH KAMPA, one of the LINKE PARTEI leaders, had been an internationally active STASI informant.—- In 2013 the LINKE PARTEI received only 8.3% of German national votes, down from 11% after it had colluded in the “privatization sale” of 65,000 social GSW apartments in Berlin to Goldman-Sachs and other Wall Street “investors”, who eventually made a profit of over $ 800 million dollars! The current Chairperson of the “Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung” in Berlin is DAGMAR ENKELMANN – before 1989 an academic in East Germany’s “Central Committee Academy for Social Sciences”. —–

FUNDACAO ROSA LUXEMBURG in Sao Paulo was established in 2003: Its methods: 1.) The penetration of the social science departments of Brazil’s universities and providing an “ego” platform for ultra-left (Maoist) academics – who in turn influence their “social science” students who in turn form “resistance” groups. 2.) Linking with ultra-left parties PSOL, PSTU, PCB, who receive about 1.3% of national votes. 3.) To compromise major Left parties of the center-left coalition government, their think tanks and labor unions. 4.) To finance radical organizers of “resistance” and indigenous groups and bring them for propaganda to Europe. 5. ) Stage propaganda campaigns in Europe against Brazil. —-

The geopolitical agent (“Bueroleiter”) of “Rosalux” in Sao Paulo between 2007 and 20012 was KATHRIN BUHL who had been trained before 1989 as Latin America specialist for East Germany’s foreign operations. After 1989 she was leading in the successor NGO of East Germany’s official foreign solitary organizations, which had inherited $ 20 million of East German funds which remain invested in the NGO Nord-Sued-Bruecken for which KATHRIN BUHL was a leading functionary from 1994 until she was sent by “Rosalux” as political agent to Brazil in 2007 . In 2009 KATHRIN BUHL published a compendium authored by Brazilian ultra-left academics against ‘Brazil’s Imperialism’, especially half-state enterprises which are partially owned by government employees’ pension funds. Title: “Empresas transnacionais brasileiras na America Latina: um debate necessario”. But on 24.12.2012, KATHRIN BUHL suddenly died at age 51 from unpublished ! causes in Sao Paulo. (“Janis Joplin” – her nickname among “resistance” groups because of evident similarities, was praised for having been a generous and unquestioning “donor” of funds, not at all like a Soviet-block “apparatchik” !) —–

“Rosalux” in Berlin immediately appointed GERHARD DILGER (54) as the new “Bueroleiter” (geopolitical agent) in Sao Paulo. He describes himself as “writer and teacher”, but seems political agent and propagandist for anti-Brazil “false flag NGOs “. Presumably he is Austrian, but very little is known about him until he arrived in Colombia 1992 where he remained until 1999 ” working as journalist”. In 1997-1998 he was sent by EL TIEMPO (Bogota) as correspondent to Germany: EL TIEMPO was then owned by the Santos oligarchy (Juan Manuel Santos, Defense Minister and Francisco Santos Vice-President of Colombia 2003-2010). After 1999 GERHARD DILGER appeared in Brazil and resided 2002-2012 in Porto Alegre – ostensibly as “correspondent” for “Tageszeitung”/Berlin a medium circulation “ultragreen-liteleft” daily, owned by a readers-cooperative. From remote, but geopolitically “interesting” Porto Alegre, GERHARD DILGER flooded the Left, Green and “Neocon-Catholic” media in Germany and Austria with hectic propaganda against the leftist-nationalist presidents in South America: Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, Evo Morales in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in Ecuador, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, against their national development projects, against all development and commercial agriculture in South America. GERHARD DILGER travelled for the Catholic Church though Argentina 2011, travelled to Ecuador 2008 to support “Germany’s man in Ecuador ” ALBERTO ACOSTA and his “false ultra-left” against President Correa. GERHARD DILGER, a persistent propagandist against Hugo Chavez, travelled to Venezuela in 2010 to support the “false ultra-left” politician M. Lopez Maya against President Chavez. In September 2013 GERHARD DILGER took his anti-Brazil campaign to USA for an event staged by “ROSA LUXEMBURG FOUNDATION /NEW YORK, which since 2012 infiltrates the U.S. Left and protest movements to “set them up” as targets for neocon propaganda as “influenced by East German communists” . GERHARD DILGER brought with him from Brazil: The protest organizers Eloisa Varela C., Cosme Felippsen, Joanna Barras, and Samuel A. Queiroz S., who was touted in 2010 by the British Council at ” young future leader”. — (GERHARD DILGER had in the 1980′s been in Concordia Institute, Benmidji/Minnesota/USA ). —-During GERHARD DILGERS’s 20 years of reporting to Europe about South America, GERHARD DILGER never mentioned Germany’s CIA-affiliate BND (founded after 1945 by Nazi-Germany’s General R.Gehlen) .

The BND is active in Latin America since the early 1960′s. GERHARD DILGER did mention contacts with the GTZ, the German Government’s “private contractor” for “technical cooperation”. —- GERHARD DILGER in Sao Paulo, now appears to orchestrate the “Rosalux” operations against Brazil 2014, as seems in the document “Im Schatten der Spiele Ln Dossier 9″, together with CHRISTIAN RUSSAU in Berlin, who is coordinator in Germany of the permanent anti-Brazil campaign. CHRISTIAN RUSSAU,( without letter “o”) studied the theories of Hannah Arendt in Freie Universitaet/Berlin until 1995, and acts as general organizer in Germany of the permanent campaign to destabilize Brazil, of the campaign AXIS consisting of: 1. The LINKE Party and its ROSA LUXEMBURG FOUNDATION (in Brazil FUNDACAO ROSA LUXEMBURG-Sao Paulo) . 2. The GRUENE (Green Party) and its HEINRICH BOELL FOUNDATION (in Brazil as FUNDACAO HEINRICH BOELL, RIO), 3. The Neocon Bishops of Germany’s Catholic Church who for geopolitical aims operate CIMI in Brazil as “liberation theology” , to out-maneuver the center left government . 4.) KOOPERATION BRASILIEN, an umbrella NGO manipulated by German academic geopolitical interventionists and some Brazilian ex-pats.—– The strategy conference, to ‘ destabilize Brazil 2014′ was held in Berlin on 31.10.2013 at ROSA LUXEMBURG STIFTUNG in Berlin, with CHRISTIAN RUSSAU the organizer in Germany for anti-Brazil ops; CLAUDIA FAVARO, architect and reportedly anarchist organizer from Brazil; CARLOS VAINER, sociologist of Brazil’s ultra-left PSOL Party (VAINER was on 29.10.2013 in Cologne/Germany were he made a scene shouting at a German academic who had defended the center-left government of Brazil : VAINER shouted:” He belongs to Dilma!”); FELIPE BLEY FOLLY a Brazilian jurist who collaborates with “Rosalux”.——

The contact-agent between the “resistance” groups in Rio de Janeiro and “Rosalux” in Berlin is the German LUCIE MATTING who had been involved since before 2012 in the preparations for the “protests” in June 2013 in Brazil. In 1999 LUCIE MATTING had published in Germany “Grenztruppen der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik” -a nostalgic memorial to the 45,000 para-military border guards of East Germany 1961-1989 . FREDRICKE STRACK is in Rio as “consultant” to “organize” prostitution , which is legal in Brazil and Germany – but subject to restrictions which she campaigns to change in both nations: FREDERICKE STRACK is against governmental curbs against brothels as private businesses and she promotes a “prostitute fashion label” supported by a California NGO with U.S. corporate donors. She attended a conference at George Soros’ fund in New York : U.S.NGOs have donors among big Wall Street names interested in geopolitical influence to subvert nationalist Left movements! Other contributors to “Im Schatten der Spiele Ln Dossier 9″: MARTIN LING, who campaigns against all development in “Neues Deutschland” the daily of the “Linke Partei”, THOMAS FATHEUER formerly political agent and DAWID DANILO BARTELT the current political agent of FUNDACAO HEINRICH BOELL in Rio de Janeiro (German GREEN Party), MALTE DANILJUK co-editor of the blog “” which under the guise of “solidarity”, encourages interventionists and adventurers against the “independent” center-left governments in Latin America, on the grounds that those are not “real socialists” but “deviationists” who collaborate with capitalists that destroy the environment and threaten indigenous and peasant communities. (The convicted German RAF terrorists Lutz Taufer, Eva Haule and Christian Klar, are now “Latin America” analysts for “”: Lutz Taufer was pardoned 1996 in Germany from two life sentences!! – then came to Brazil to organize “resistance” groups in Rio favelas from 1999 to 2011! ), FLORIAN WARWEG, a NGO career-pro who is “advisor” of HEIKE HAENSEL, a former theologian, now the German Left Party’s parliamentarian specialist for Latin America. CLAUDIA FIX – a professional German NGO “activist” .

The lead articles in the document are authored by JULIO DELMANTO , a radical in Sao Paulo who campaigns for legalization of drugs in Brasil. His master thesis title: “Research of the relation between drugs and parties and movements of the Left in Brazil”. He ridicules Brazil’s largest Left parties – the PT and PCdoB as “pathetic” (Their combined membership is 2.5 million). There is also an interview by LUCIE MATTING of CARLOS VAINER, and an interview by GILKA RESENDE of MARCELO FREIXO (local Rio legislator of the ultra-left PSOL Party).

GILKA RESENDE “organizes protests” in Rio. Other items are re-publications of reports by local prostest groups who are now nation-wide organized as COMITES POPULARES DA COPA and ARTICULACAO NACIONAL DOS COMITES POPULARES.—- IMPORTANT:The names of local activists in Brazil , whose personal positions were re-published in this “Rosalux” document (“Im Schatten der Spiele Ln Dossier 9″) and their local groups are NOT mentioned HERE in this analysis BECAUSE BRAZILIANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS THEIR OPINIONS AND DEMANDS. But the “partners” of Latin America’s “adversaries” should be exposed internationally! .————

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